Dec. 11, 2021, The Miracle of Christmas

Words of the Saints to Ponder While Journeying Toward Bethlehem

St. Pope John Paul II (May 18, 1920 – April 2, 2005)

Born: Poland

Priest, Bishop, Pope, World Traveler, Actor, Athlete, First Non-Italian Pope in more than 400 years.

Feast Day: Oct. 22nd

Patron Saint: Poland, Archdiocese of Krakow, World Youth Day  (co-Patron), World Meeting of Families  2015 (co-patron), and Young Catholics, Families

“and in the end…everything else will turn out to be unimportant and inessential, except for this: Father, Child and Love.”


Dear Lord Jesus, Teach me to seek the important truths of this life. Show me how to spend my time doing what is pleasing in Your eyes. Help me to turn from what is fruitless and not worthy of my time and energy. I only want to do what is good to spread the Kingdom of God. Beloved Christmas Miracle, save me, I wait and long for your coming.


Come, Redeemer of the World

Begotten of no human will,
But of the Spirit, Thou art still
The Word of God in flesh arrayed,
The promised fruit to men displayed.

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