# 8 Second Sunday of Advent The Miracle of Christmas

Words of the Saints to Ponder While Journeying Toward Bethlehem

St. Leo The Great (400 – Nov. 10, 461)

Born: Tuscany

Doctor of the Church, Pope, Confessor, Bishop of Rome, and Teacher

Feast Day: Nov. 10th

Patron Saint of: Confessors, Popes, Moral Theology, and Vocations

“Dearly beloved, today our Savior is born; let us rejoice. Sadness should have no place on the birthday of life. The fear of death has been swallowed up; life brings us joy with the promise of eternal happiness. No one is shut out from this joy; all share the same reason for rejoicing. Our Lord, victor over sin and death, finding no man free from sin, came to free us all.”


Dear Lord Jesus, help me shed all my fear, stress, tension, and anxiety. Let me stand looking skyward marveling at the countless stars singing Your praise. Let there only be room for joy and words of praise on my lips. Beloved Christmas Miracle, save me, I wait and long for your coming.


Creator of the Stars of the Night

Thou, sorrowing at the helpless cry
of all creation doomed to die,
didst come to save our fallen race
by healing gifts of heavenly grace

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