Advent 2015 ~ Locker

I have waited, thought and prayed about do I post thoughts while on my journey this Advent season. Numerous questions fly through my brain, what will I write about, with I be able to think of enough topics, will people bother to read what I write and many other thoughts.

My mind is still bustling with many different thoughts but I have decided to voice several of them. The first being, why do I worry and fret about such things…God is control. I need to learn to listen.

One of my stories will be about my grandma, Theresa Longenecker. A wonderful little lady. She was kind, thoughtful, loving and giving, a good wife, mother and grandmother.

She came from Germany with her father after her mother died. When her father remarried here in the U.S. her stepmother was a person they made movies after in the role of the evil stepmother. Grandma was out on-her-own at an early age. She found my grandfather and friends say they clung to each other like brother and sister.

After my grandfather died and she was living alone she became a nanny for many well-to-do families. She cared for their children while parents were on vacations, she cleaned their homes and lake homes, cooked meals and baked goodies for them.

I go into a family’s home every Sunday to get a elderly couple up, dressed, fix breakfast, and visit over breakfast. I am also blessed to be able to bring them Holy Communion. This last week, one of their daughters were there when I arrived and we got talking. She said her husband remembers a Longenecker, a lady who came to their home when was little and she was so nice and a very good baker. She asked did I know who that might be, maybe an aunt or a relative. I asked, “Was her name Locker?” All the families called my grandma, Locker. I am not sure exactly why…Longenecker…Locker, I am not sure. She said, “Yes, it was Locker.” “Well, that was my Grandma.” We hugged and she told me he has such fond memories about her. There is hardly a week goes by he doesn’t mention something about her. Her cooking, baking, smile, kindness. He loves to cook and bake and to this day is still trying to copy her recipe for strudel.

When Grandma was sad or lonely, she went into the kitchen to bake. She could never eat all she baked so she started walking down the block and distributed the goodies to all her neighbors and friends.

On my way home, I had tears over missing my best friend. Grandma, she always was positive and seemed to understand whatever life situation you were in. When I think about it this man fondly remembering events that took place 50 years ago, I smile. What a great testimony to a life well lived to remember someone who came to your home and took care of you as a child.

I want to grow up to be just like her. Grandma was a person whom showed mercy and kindness to those she met. In this year of mercy, let Theresa Longenecker or  Locker give all of us an example of the way to live a good and full life.

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