Thanksgiving Grace

Last year at our Thanksgiving table we sang Edelweiss Grace before meals. All my son-in-laws and daughter-in-law sang along with beautiful voices, more so than my own kids, volume wise not beautiful voices wise. One grandchild in particular did not care for the new tradition, six-year-old, Sadie. Singing grace has been a topic of conversation at every family gather for the past year. I felt the Spirit move me to call Sadie a couple of days before Thanksgiving and ask if she didn’t care for singing grace before our Thanksgiving meal would she please think of something else. She said yes. I was so thankful. I offered to help with what ever she needed to do the job. Otherwise, we would be singing Edelweiss Grace. My daughter, Molly, her mother said several times since my phone call Sadie asked, “What does Nana want me to do again?” and the conversation was repeated once again, come up with a before meal prayer.
Everyone came except Natalie and Barcley who are in Japan, we gathered around the table 16 place settings in all. Everyone quieted and I asked Sadie to please lead us in grace. She looked to her mother and we followed along, words and arms movements and all. Imagine the Superman theme music playing in the background.
Thank you Lord, for giving us food
(actions: raise right arm overhead as Superman flying)
Thank you Lord, for giving us food
(actions: raise left arm flying)
For the food that we eat
(actions: standing with both arms over head, to the left)
For the friends that we meet
(actions: standing with both arms over head, to the right)
Thank you Lord, for giving us food!
(actions: move both hands in fists to hips and stand strong like Superman)
In the end we sang it twice and even Cora, just turned 1 year old, the youngest at the table was rising her arms with a big smile on her face looking around to make sure she was doing it correctly. I think, Sadie once again made God smile at a family sing as one with a grateful heart. Thank you Sadie.


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