Leaky Faucet/Red Sea

thHave you ever had a leaky faucet? I mean a faucet that is running a stream the size of your little finger. Well I have. The other day I turned off my shower faucet and the hot water continued to run. The last few days I admit it had a drip every now And then again but nothing like this stream running. All I could think of the water I am wasting for my grandchildren’s future, the high cost of my water bill and it was hot water for goodness sake. I tried turning the knob as hard as I could but nothing.

I took the knob off, nothing, I looked leaky faucet on line, nothing, I called my hardy-man-neighbor for advice, nothing. NOTHING worked. Oh, did I mention this happened on Wednesday before Thanksgiving! I truned the water off downstairs but had to turn it on when I went to wash dishes or my hands. My renter above the garage even called and asked if there was something wrong with the water, Man! I forgot the water supply is connected to the apt., water back on. I called the plumber and asked if he could stop by Friday, “I didn’t plan to work on Friday.” “Maybe, Monday if you could stop by?” Monday morning it was so I had to try to stay calm until then.

Thursday morning, I got up and took a shower and the leak was all consuming. I heard myself say, “For goodness sake God, You parted the Red Sea couldn’t you deal with this leaky faucet for me?”

I got out of the shower and turned off the water….no leaking, no stream the width of my finger…NOTHING. Oh, but me of little faith every couple of hours I stopped to peek in the shower to see if it started to drip again. Nothing, all day long. Not only Thursday but nothing until the plumber arrived on Monday, mid-morning.

The plumber arrived, looked at my dry shower and asked, “Do you have the water shut off?” I simply said, “No.”

He turned the water off and went to work. He found the washer was none existent it had disappeared from old age. He turned the water back on and there was a stream once again. Now, he saw what I meant. He took it apart once again and found the faucet needed a new cartridge. Turned the water back on and it was fixed. No leak, no drip, nothing. He was on his way. I was on my way to give thanks.

Every so often I need to be remembered no matter no small or how large the world’s or my problems seem God is in control. He holds me in the palm of his hand. He has counted the hairs on my head. He knows me by name it is a humbling thought.

AND God is a pretty amazing dealing with water…but then Jesus is the source of all life giving water.

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