Closing out the Second Week

2nd Station

Jesus is Made to Bear His Cross

We have completed the second week of Lent.

I have read and heard several things in the last couple of days that I wanted to share in closing out the second week of Lent. The first reading for Sunday is Abraham taking Isaac up the mountain after God asked him to sacrifice his one and only son. Abraham did not doubt or ask questions. He knew God was trustworthy. Isaac even carried his own wood for the fire. This is a mirror image of Christ taking up his own wood. The wood of the Cross, the source of him sacrificing his life for our sins. Just as Jesus knew his father was trustworthy, we know Jesus is trustworthy.

The gospel for Sunday is the Transfiguration of Jesus. His goes to a high mountain, not just a mountain but a high mountain. A place of encounter, a sacred space. Jesus’ clothes  became dazzling white before Peter, James and John’s eyes. Then there is the voice from heaven, “This is my son. Listen to Him.” To hear God speak we must be quiet, go to that high mountain.

We know how difficult it is us to get away to that high mountain but it is worth the effort. Where is your high mountain? On your knees with your spouse at the side of your bed? At the kitchen sink? Leaning over the bathtub rinsing down the soapsuds? Out for a walk? Turning off your computer and phone for one hour each day? Sitting quietly in the sunny window? Where it is I hope you will find your high mountain this week.

framed with trees

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