Dec. 6, 2021, The Miracle of Christmas

Words of the Saints to Ponder While Journeying Toward Bethlehem

Pope St. Gregory the Great (590 – March 12, 603)

Born: Italy

Doctor of the Church, Armenian Priest, Deacon, Bishop, Monk, Mystic, Poet, Author, and Reformer. 

Feast Day: Sept. 3rd

Patron Saint of: Educators, Musicians, and Singers.

“Jesus Christ said of himself, “I am the Living Bread descended from Heaven.” Therefore, Bethlehem, the place where our Lord was born, has been called the House of Bread, for He who fed our hearts to satiety appeared there in the substance of flesh.”


Dear Lord Jesus, You came to Earth and choose Bethlehem for the place of your birth. Bethlehem two Hebrew words meaning beth (house of) and lehem (bread.) You, Jesus born in the House of Bread are the Bread of Life. Your love for me satisfies my hunger. Beloved Christmas Miracle, save me, I wait and long for your coming.


Comfort, Ye My People

Hark, the Herald’s voice is crying
In the desert far and near,
Bidding all men to repentance
Since the Kingdom now is here.
Oh, that warning cry obey!
Now prepare for God a way;
Let the valleys rise to meet Him
And the hills bow down to greet Him.

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