Dec. 8, 2021, The Miracle of Christmas

Words of the Saints to Ponder While Journeying Toward Bethlehem

St. Theresa of Lisieux, Sr. Therese of the Child Jesus and the Holy Face (Jan. 2, 1873 – Sept. 30, 1873)

Born: France
Doctor of the Church, Carmelite Nun, Author, “Story of a Soul,”

Feast Day: Oct. 1st

Patron Saint of: Priests, Missionaries, Aviators, Florists, Illness(es), Missions, Russia, and France

“It was December 25, 1886, that I received the grace of leaving my childhood, in a word, the grace of my complete conversion . . . I felt charity enter into my soul, the need to forget myself and to please others; since then I’ve been happy!”  

“On that blessed night the sweet infant Jesus, scarcely an hour old, filled the darkness of my soul with floods of light. By becoming weak and little, for love of me, He made me strong and brave: He put His own weapons into my hands so that I went on from strength to strength, beginning, if I may say so, ‘to run as a giant.’” 


Dear Lord Jesus, Your unselfishness of help, comfort and mercy is felt in the darkness of my soul. Help me to share charity with my family, my neighbors, and my world. One small act of loving charity can spread around the world. Beloved Christmas Miracle, save me, I wait and long for your coming.


Come, Thou Redeemer of the Earth!

Thy cradle here shall glitter bright
And darkness breathe a newer light,
Where endless faith shall shine serene,
And twilight never intervene.

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