Life Reason to Celebrate

Sometimes life has a way of showing a person what is important and what to pay attention to.  Recently, while out on a walk, I smelt a beautiful flower, and thought about paying attention to details. A gray cloud passed over my head, and I thought don’t let myself get too serious about the weather. I was thinking about living in the moment when a talkative baby strollered by. Walking and pondering about all that is going on in the world, I realized there is so much beauty in the world, I need to be grateful for every moment of every day.

In a serious place of reflection, out of the corner of my eye, I saw four kids playing in a backyard around an apple tree. I wondered about why they were outside so early, what are they doing, and why did they seem to be so happy?

Suddenly, one of the little boys, around 5 years-old, waved at me and yelled, “We’re eating apples.”

I smiled to myself, what do you reply to that? I hollered back, “I bet they are tasty. Have fun.”

Having gone only four or five steps, the same little boy hollered, “Yay, we have a new baby! His name is Ezra.”

I stopped and called, “Wow, Good for you. You will be a fun big brother.”

Well, there you go, I was grabbed by the neck and yanked right back to reality in the flash of a moment. A new life has come into the world, a reason for the world to celebrate. Celebrate by eating a fresh apple right off the tree.

Thank you kids for reminding us adults how to live life to the fullest. Thank you.

Picture 248

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