Jesus’ Hands

Today, is Easter Sunday and so different from anything most of us have ever seen or experienced. One thing remains the same Jesus Christ has risen. The tomb is empty.

My thoughts this Lent focused on HANDS. Hands that reach out to reach Holy Communion, Mary’s hands and now Jesus’ hands.

Jesus’s pieced hands are what we experienced Good Friday, hands pieced and held in place by my sins. Today, the risen hands still pieced but now radiate with glory.

In the world we live in today, we hear people questioning where is God? Where is God? God is right here next to me and next to you, holding us in the palm of His Hand. We are asked to be God’s hands here on Earth. We can be the hands of Jesus to our family, to our neighbors and to the world around us. What does that look like for you. Only you can answer that question. Does it mean calling a neighbor to check on them? Is it writing a note to someone alone? Does it mean sewing masks for the health provider you know or don’t even know yet. Is it ordering groceries for someone who doesn’t have a computer or knowledge of ordering on-line? Or is it folding our hands and joining those around the world praying for peace, healing, grace and mercy.

What ever that looks like for you, pray about and then act on it.

Jesus is counting on you.

People around you are counting on you.

Blessings to you this Easter Season.


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