Kind Deeds

In the last couple of days, I have witnessed a couple of interesting events of life.

I was coming home on Riverfront St. when up ahead of me I saw a couple and two small children. I assumed, he was the dad, had one child holding hands and with a big smile, looked both ways and then ran across the street, both giggling, making it to the other side with a sense of great accomplishment. Next, the mom, I assumed, as I watched the same thing repeated, holding hands, mom and child, looking both ways, ran across the street reaching the other side, giggling as they reached their goal. They were not just running, they were running and living with great GLEE, joyfully reaching the other side, enjoying a warm summer day. As I came closer, I realized I recognized the family. They were my neighbors. The man a Vietnam vet. The woman, a year ahead of me in high school. They were not the parents, they were the grandparents of these little people. I continue to be amazed at what grandchildren can do for us, as grandparents, they bring us into a child’s joy and love of life. Their enthusiasm is infectious.  When we arte blessed with grandchildren:

We forget our aches and pains.

We sing to our hearts content and think we can sing.

We are accepted for who and what we are.

We are validated that we are smart.

We affirm we are fun.

We can tell a funny story.

They think we are pretty.

They love us unconditionally.

They our laps are just the right size.

As grandparents we are blessed.

Proverbs 17:6 – Children’s children are the crown of old men/women.


At Kwik Trip the other day, I was filling up my van when a man walked up to the young woman at the pump next to mine and said, “Have you checked the oil in your car lately?” Her reply, “Yes, I have. It is okay my car just makes that noise.”

“Okay I just thought, I would check because if a car is making that sound it usually means it’s a quart low.”

She said, “I know, I have had other people tell me that and when I had a mechanic look at it he can’t find anything wrong.”

“Okay, I just wanted to make sure you were okay. I wish someone would have told my son before he had to put a thousand dollars into his car and get it fixed.”

“Thank you for checking,” she said and went on filling her car with gas.

I couldn’t help myself when I added to the conversation, “Wow, that was really nice of you to care and offer your advice. Maybe I should start my car have you listen.”

He smiled and repeated, “I just wish my son had known what to do when he heard that noise.”

“Well it was still really nice of you to take the time and offer your knowledge.”

The gentleman walked away, nodded, smiled and said, “Have a good day.”

I finished pumping my gas and as I was going into the store, the same man was coming out. He looked at me and said, “You want to know why I really said something to that girl?”

“Why?” I asked.

“Because of the pink hair. I don’t mean to sound prejudice but when I saw her pink hair, I thought I bet she doesn’t know that noise is a bad sign. I couldn’t help myself…it was her pink hair.”

“It was still nice of you.”

We both went on our own ways but I was thinking about him and his comments. I still think it was a nice gesture, offering his fatherly advice to a young lady about a noise her car was making. If the reason was her pink hair, it would have just as easy to walk away and not say anything but he took the time to offer his advice, pink hair and all.

Still nice gentleman in my book. Wish I had noticed the pink hair!

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