Act of Mercy “You gave me drink when I was thirsty.”

The other day, one of those beasts of a hot and humid day, I witness something that is still running through my head.

I pulled into Kwik Trip to buy some milk. I noticed two men who looked hot, sweaty, carrying all their belongings in backpacks and old plastic bags. I jumped out of air-conditioned van and ran in, not thinking much more about them.

When I came back out and got in my car I was blessed to witness an act of mercy. A middle-aged, lady who looked to be as different as these two men followed me out. She was wearing a cute, clean, trendy summer dress, Hair washed and neatly styled . Running shoes didn’t match her not so long, lean legs but still a mover and shaker. She walked in front of my van looking like she had a purpose, (I put my window down not to miss anything) she went up to the two homeless men and from cradled in her arm, she handed each of them a bottle of Gatorade and said, “I thought, you might be able to use a cool drink today.”

The two men looked at each other in disbelief and softly said, “Thank you.” Like two little squirrels, they quickly stowed them way into their backpacks.

Without any other words exchanges both parties went along their way until I saw a black man walking into the store call out to the lady, “Nice job, lady.” Startled she turned, looked and said, “Excuse me?”

The man repeated, “That was really nice, Lady.”

She smiled and nodded.

Her simply noticing, taking the action to do something kind and it being witnessed by others started a ripple effect that I be its still moving along today, days later. I know it is with me.



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