“Be nice to each other, your brothers and sisters are all you will have when I am gone.”

               How many times did I say to my kids when they were little and all at home growing up: “Be nice to each other, your brothers and sisters are all you will have when I am gone.” I would be a fake and a fool to ever pretend I was an academic or scholar equal to Supreme Court Justice Scalia but as a parent I feel we may have been cut from the same bolt of cloth. Father Paul Scalia, his son, a Roman Catholic priest, officiated at the funeral Mass and gave the homily. I have added a link so you can hear what I am talking about. I truly believe the best gift I can give my children is the gift of family and one another. The love, encouragement and support they will share with each other when I am gone is all they will have. Father talks about how at this time of great loss for their family nothing could be truer. Molly, Natalie, Sally and Joe never for this. You will never know how it warms my heart when I hear one of you say, “I know Mom, I talked to …. today.”


If you want to hear here is a link to the whole homily:


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