ROTC Early Morning Run.

ROTC Early Morning Run

Early one morning, a few weeks ago, I was driving across town when I witness something that still moves me on many different levels still weeks later. I feel I really must share what I saw.

A running group what looked to be ten to twelve young men, but it was still dark out there could have been a young lady or two, running down Riverfront Drive here in Mankato. All wearing shorts and hooded sweatshirts with ROTC on the back.

First, what struck me was they were on quite a long run this early in the morning from MSU.

Second, they really were moving at a good pace.

Thirdly, what really caught my eye and made me pause longer even after the stop light turned green was their leader.

A tall, slender man ran in the lead and at each street crossing, he ran in place waving this two-foot long, red-light blinking, cricket-like bat until all the runners had crossed. I watched thinking one runner can not keep up the pace of almost double time of his teammates because he had to run faster to get to the head of the pack before they got to the next street crossing. He repeated this feat over and over as they ran through town. Head of the line, waited for everyone to safely cross the street waving high his light-blinking baton and then only to pick up the pace to lead the pack again and get to the next street crossing to once again run in place until everyone had safely cross and only to repeat it over and over again. All the while waving his beacon over head, leading the way.

The team work, the stamina, the strength they were building for the ultimate goal of protecting our country.

While witnessing this feat I was on my way to morning Mass and I couldn’t help but think Jesus is my team leader waving his light-flashing beacon. He protects me on my journey, he leads the way, he runs ahead to spare me from harm. He does double time so I will arrive safe. He is a light, a beacon in the darkness.

I prayer, I have the strength, stamina, faith and courage enough to follow the King, but when I falter I  know He is strong enough to carry me and show me mercy and grace to still get me home.

Thank you to the MSU ROTC Morning Running Group for showing me the way and for protecting our country.


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