5-31-15 ~ Thank you for journeying along with me during Mary’s Month of May.

This past Advent, I took part in a bible study that walked the footsteps of Blessed Mother Mary here on earth. I found some things very powerful. I especially love when points of the Old Testament are woven and connected to items in the New Testament.

I want to share some of the things I learned about Mary being the New Testament’s Ark of the Covenant.

  • The Ark of the Covenant was “Blessed…”
  • Mary is called “Blessed”
  • The ark traveled through the hill county of Judea.
  • Mary traveled the same journey through the hill county of Judea to get to Elizabeth.
  • The ark stopped and stayed at the house of Obed Edom for three months.
  • Mary stayed at Elizabeth’s home for three months.
  • The ark blessed Obed Edom’s home while it was there.
  • Mary blessed Elizabeth while she stayed at her home.
  • David proclaimed the Ark as Blessed.
  • Elizabeth proclaimed Mary as Blessed.
  • David leapt for joy when he went out to met the
  • John leapt in Elizabeth’s womb when Mary approached.
  • People would come near the Ark when they wanted to be close or pray to God.
  • People drew near to Mary to become closer to Jesus/God.
  • The Levites, the priestly tribe in the Old Testament using the Greek word, “Exclaimed…” six times while praising God.
  • Elizabeth, in the Bibles says, “Exclaimed…” this the only time this Greek word is used in the New Testament.
  • The Ark of the Covenant contained, Aaron’s staff, representing the high priest, a jar of manna, representing life giving food, and a cloud presents, representing God.
  • Mary, the new Ark, carried Jesus the new high priest, the bread of life and God-man himself.

IMG_1135-001 IMG_1136-001This a Japanese Madonna I got from my grandmother. Her daughter sent it to her from Japan.

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