10th Station Jesus is Stripped

Stations of the Cross

10th Station Jesus is Stripped

Psalm 51 v 14 Deliver me from the guilt of bloodshed,

O God, you who are God my Savior and

my tongue will sing of your righteousness.

Jesus has made it to Calvary. Only was he humanly able to do this by putting his trust in God, his Father. If the loss of blood, pain, fatigue and flogging was not enough the soldiers did one more thing to humiliate Jesus. They stripped him of his clothes. It is more than I can bear to think about. Clothes have a way of making a statement of the person. Removing them, Jesus becomes nothing. Nothing of any worth, and once again all of this because of the sins of the world, mine included.

Lord Jesus, Help me to see those around me that lack clothing and worth in the society I live.


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