9th Station Jesus Falls a Third Time

Stations of the Cross

9th Station: Jesus Falls the Third Time

Psalm 51 v13

Then I will teach transgressors your ways so that sinners will turn back to you.

This last fall is devastating.  Jesus can barely proceed to the end.  Summoning all this remaining strength, supported by his inner trust in God, Jesus collapses under the weight of the cross.  His executioners look at him as a broken man, pathetic yet paying a price he deserves.  They help him up so he can make it up the hill of crucifixion. I pause to contemplate him there on the ground. The brokenness that makes me whole.  The surrender that gives me life.  I pause to experience and receive how completely he loves me. He is indeed completely poured out for me.  As I treasure this gifted experience, I express what is in my heart.

Words of Andy Croel, a United Methodist Pastor serving in Michigan.

I found these words reflecting on the 9th Station and I found them very inspiring.

Dear Lord Jesus, you fell three times. In the Bible, when something is repeated three things it is meant expresses some of importance, a greatness. Your falling three times shows the greatness of all the sins of the world. You took upon yourself all the sins of the world. Lord, I am sorry for my sins.Teach me your ways.


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