Tuesday 12-2-14 Advent

Tuesday 12-2-14
This week, I want to focus on ways I am blessed and hope you too will see ways you are blessed. I woke to the radio saying Mankato is at ZERO. However, the wind chill makes it feel like –20 degrees. Well, there you go, I have a pillow, warm blankets and a van in a heated garage. Even before I get out of bed blessings wash over me. One of my pts. that was making an re-appt. said she was not sure if she could make a certain appt. time because she would be having radiation that day. I have my health and no upcoming appts. for radiation. I received a listening ear and a much-needed hug from a co-worker. An email came today offering me an opportunity to be a presenter at a two-day young artists’ conf.! I took it. I received my renter’s check on time. All of this by 5:00 PM and there were still seven more hours of my day to go. God is good.
Isaiah 64 V 8
LORD, you are our Father.
We are the clay, you are the potter;
we are all the work of your hand.
Thank you Lord, for gently molding me, over and over again, never losing patience with me. Mold me into something that can be useful to shine your light.

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