Earlier this summer, I was blessed to travel to Chicago with my son, Joe and his new bride, Abby. My daughter-in-law is a very gracious young lady and even offered me the front seat. I declined her offer knowing in my heart, my rightful place was in the back seat and her’s next to her husband. We laughed, giggled, shared stories and had a great time. I will long remember our trip.
We made a day of sightseeing downtown Chicago with my nephew, Jake as our tour guide. We had a ball, looking, walking, eating Italian sampling chocolates and riding the train in and out of the city. I hope to share some of the photos I took but one of the best memories of Chicago for me was being surrounded by beautiful artwork.
This photo is of a building not far from the train station. Just try to imagine the work, effort and talent it took to crave these figures.
I believe, we are all artist in our own right. We may be cooks, gardeners, nurses, bankers, bedmakers and kids at play but we all have a gift, talent, something that only me, myself and I can do as well as I do that special activity.
Take a moment of quiet, and think about what that gift may be and then go out and share your talent with someone around you.
I hope you surprise yourself at the gifts God had bestow upon you.

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