Who is He?

As Christians, we begin Holy Week with Palm Sunday and Jesus’ triumphant ride into Jerusalem. Jesus arrives on a donkey, the beast of burden. And from that moment on how quickly things change.

On Palm Sunday, during our pastor’s homily, he spoke about the crowd (Mathew 21 1-11) asking who is he? Who is this man? He wondered how we would answer the question. After answering, how will we live out our answer? Can we follow Jesus close enough to get his blood, sweat, and the city’s grime on our clothes?

 Father spoke and mention some of the answers proved for us in Sunday’s reading from various people including Jesus, himself on who is this man.

From the reading of Isaiah reading… we hear of the suffering servant, the humble, and a slave.

Jesus addresses himself as a Prophet. In another place, he refers to himself as the Teacher and Master

His disciples call him Lord when asking what to prepare for the Passover meal.

During his ride into Jerusalem the crowd caries, “Hosanna, to the Son of Man!”

Judas calls Jesus, Rabbi.

Jesus calls himself, Shepherd.

The high priest demands,” Are you the Christ, the Son of God?”

Chief priests say, “Son of God.”

The maid in the courtyard states, “Jesus the Galilean.”

Another girl near the fire says, “Jesus the Nazorean.”

During his interrogation, Pontius Pilate says, “King of the Jews.”

Again, Pontius Pilate says, “Jesus called Christ.”

The soldiers mocked Jesus saying, “Hail, King of the Jews, Jesus called Christ.”

The sign over Jesus’ head, for all, to see reads, “Jesus, the King of the Jews.”

Finally, the centurion and his men who were present for the last few hours, and now were guarding over Jesus. They witnessed the earthquake, the veil torn, and the sun disappears and they announced to the world, “Truly, this was the Son of God.”

So, we have many names to choose from to answer, “Who is he?”

I have always had a closeness and fondness for Jesus’ title of shepherd and especially now when he is being led like a sheep to the slaughter.

As we approach the Paschal Triduum what is your answer?

I read something early this morning and it has made me pause more than once today thinking about my answer…

What would you do if today you found out you had three days to live?

My first response to myself was first regarding food,

 order onion rings, maybe some cheese curds,

go see all my kids,

plan an overnight getaway,

and my list could go on and on.

Jesus did know he had three days here on earth and what did Jesus do? Jesus washed his followers’ feet!

I can honestly admit, Feet Washing was not in my first 100 things to do.

And now, I am sad and ashamed. Jesus didn’t hesitate to wash his friends’ feet and he’d do it all over again. But Jesus died once and for all, for you and for me, simply because Jesus loves each of us just as we are dirty, grimy, and a pretty sorry lot of humans. He loves us where we are HE will even come running to meet us. All we have to do is call His name…what name are you going to call him by?

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