Healing of the Deaf Man

Mark 7:33

Most of Jesus’ life was living out the “ordinary.” He was an ordinary man who led an ordinary life. Except He was God as well. His love for each one of us is unimaginable.

When the friends of this deaf man brought him to Jesus, they believe Jesus could heal him. The deaf man depended on his friends for help. We might remember how important it is for us to pray and help others in our life. Jesus “took the man aside in private away from the crowd.” Jesus wanted to heal the man in private on a “one to one.” Jesus wants to come to us in private as well when we are quiet enough to listen for and hear the whisper of God.

Today, in our quiet time we can try to imagine Jesus touching our ear, our tongue, let Him clear any resistance we may have to hear His word. Let us feel his love and healing in our lives. Let us let his healing touch of love flow through us and outward toward others.

Lord Jesus Christ, you are the God of compassion. As crowds gathered around you, they begged you to let the sick just touch the edge of your cloak. You did not turn them away but looked on them with compassion and healed them. I bring my need before you now and ask you to look with compassion and heal once again. I cry out to you with the faith that knows that you are the same yesterday, today and forever.  Through Jesus Christ, our Lord. Amen.

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