Go to the Authority

The power of love is to transform minds and hearts.

The power of Jesus Christ is to change the whole world.

The last few weeks our Sunday gospel readings talk about Jesus spoke and taught with authority. He was different from the scribes.

Author is the root word of authority. Authority is the condition/state of being an author.

If we want to quote a fact or truth, we always go back to the original author. Whoever is the absolute author would have the absolute authority. The absolute author is the author of all life. God is the creator of all, the human and the divine.

The author made order out of chaos.

Where do you get your authority from?

I am thankful my parents and teachers have taught me my authority is God, the author of life and creator of the world.

This idea of authority spoke to me because of the world we are living in right now. Who has authority? Who has the right? Who is right? Who is wrong? Often today, it is who can speak the loudest. Who carries the biggest stick? Who can tell people want they want to hear? Who can rile people up?

There is so much hurt and chaos in the world. The pandemic, loss of jobs, the unknown, financial loss, stress, and anxiety. Often, when we come up against something that we cannot handle on our own. We can go to the authority for help. We can quote the authority…in the name of the authority, whoever that is in our life.

We will be stronger, better, smart, and better off if and when we work and get along as one. If we find we can’t forgive someone in our life again we can go to the authority and hand it over. We can simply go to the authority in our life, Jesus Christ and say, “Lord, I can’t handle this by myself anymore and now it is yours.” Simple as that, Easy? No, not always, it may take some giving up, letting go, but still, it is up to each of us. With God’s grace and mercy we can learn to hand our burdens over to Jesus.

Jesus is waiting and willing to take your burden.

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