Walking Toward Bethlehem in Hope Second Week of Advent

Welcome to the third week of Walking Toward Bethlehem in Hope

As our Advent journey continues toward Bethlehem we wander on in HOPE. We hope the COVID19 virus fades, we hope the vaccination comes soon. We hope the vaccination is effective. We have hopes for our families, our children, our spouses, ourselves. We hope for a white Christmas, well of us do!

Some hopes are bigger and more important than other hopes. An example of a smaller hope is, Warren brought in for the winter, a Bougainvillea. The Bougainvillea is a tropic plant he brought earlier this summer from a green house. The plant actually grew inches overnight. It wrapped itself around anything close by. This past summer, every morning, we marveled at how it must have almost jumped to reach what it wanted to wrap itself around. When the weather turned cooler, we debated what to do. A friend with a green thumb said, “Just get a new plant next spring.” Another flower grower said, “Well, try to take it in but it will never get enough sun.” Warren being the optimist he is decided to bring it in. For the first few weeks, I must admit I didn’t think it would survive. Every day, I swept up more and more yellow leaves. Warren talked to the plant daily and watered it weekly.

After Thanksgiving, I moved the Bougainvillea aside a bit to set up our Christmas tree but left it in the front picture window to get the much-needed sun it needs to thrive. Yesterday, I noticed it was starting to reach toward the Christmas tree to start wrapping itself around something once again. I carefully move the tendril in the opposite direction, back to the trellis it’s supposed to be growing around, hoping to encourage it to stay away from the Christmas tree. By night fall it was once again wrapping itself around an icicle on the tree. I move it back again and telling the tendril to stay put on the trellis. This morning, Warren called me to the living room. “Come and see what is going on.” You guessed it, over night the Bougainvillea reached the for Christmas tree and wrapped it several times around the icicle and reaching forward for more.

Warren and I giggled not believing our eyes. I explained how I untangled it twice already. He said, “I guess it has new friend and I think we should leave it alone.”

I compare the Bougainvillea to us humans. I want to reach out and hug everyone I see on my daily walk. While at the grocery store, I want to reach out and touch the hand of the cashier. I want to reach through the phone and hug my grandkids. God made us, human beings to be social beings. We need each other and we may never have realized it more than we have in the last nine months. We need people, we need each other.

So, this week as we continue to walk toward Bethlehem in HOPE, let us act just like Warren’s Bougainvillea, reach out to someone this week. Reach out to your neighbor, an old friend, someone in a retirement home, someone you sit next to at church, someone from high school… anyone, God leads you to reach out to. Reach out in hope to make that person smile, giggle, laugh or maybe even cry tears of joy.

Enjoy the photos of Bernice!

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