10 + 1 Acorns

God Never Forgets

Abba Father is a loving and forgiving Father, but He never forgets. May I tell you what I am talking about?

The other day, I was on a walk hunting for acorns. I have a winter project in mind using acorns. I planned my walk according to where I knew some massive oak trees grew. I remember thinking…“Dear Lord, if I could just find 10 more acorns, I’ll be happy.” What only 10 more acorns? You may ask. Let me explain, earlier this Fall, I had filled a bowl full of acorns. I didn’t want to steal front the squirrels, winter snows were forecasted, and my walking time was limited. My plan was to find acorns while I was just walking along, so I knew I needed a goal I could accomplish and not be disappointed.     

That’s when the BUT happened in my walk. It started to rain, big drops of rain/sleet whipped by strong autumn winds blowing right in my face in every direction I walked.  I headed home with a single acorn in my pocket.

The next day, I went out for a morning walk without a thought of what I had asked of God earlier. Once again snow and rain were forecasted so I knew I better head right to the oak trees in the neighborhood. I shuffled around in the leaves, hunted in the gutter, and scouted around the base of trees. The squirrels were winning, acorns many, Terri none. I found a couple of acorns here, a cap here and there, a few capless acorns over there. Big wet, snowflakes started to fall, and I decided enough time spent and headed home. Walking home I saw one more acorn, screaming my name, just lying on the sidewalk without any leaves around it! I slipped it in my pocket and continued home.

When I got home, I emptied out my pocket and put all my acorns in a small bowl. With a smile, I remembered requesting God to help me score 10 acorns. I thought do I dare count my acorns; would it seem I was doubting God? I counted them; you may have guessed it…a total of 11 acorns. Abba, Father didn’t only fulfill my request but as always You can’t out do God.

My dad always told us kids, “Remember, you can’t out give God. Just try if you want to make God giggle.” I forgot my request of God in this crazy, hurting, whirling world but God is not in my little human box of limitations, God remembered and saw fit to lead me to find 10 + 1 acorns.

Thank you, Abba Father for reminding me, letting me see, feel, and learn again of your grace, generosity, love for me and Your immensity.

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