Today, Jesus a Lisp and Lonely

Today, a friend shared a story with me. She ran to Chick-fil-A for a quick breakfast. She saw a homeless person standing near-by. Her first thought was, “I will buy him a sandwich because I have no change.” My friend deals with anxiety and didn’t think she could enter into a conversation with the man, not today. In the past, she had stopped to visit and pray with different homeless people but, not today.

She placed her order and added an extra sandwich to her order. Picking up her orders she pulled forward, rolled down her window and asked the man if he would like a sandwich.

He nodded his head, “Thank you, Lady.”

She asked, “What is your name?”

He said, “Carlton.”

She told him her name.

He asked, “Do you pray?”

She nodded with hesitation, “Would you like pray, here, now?”

He nodded.

Together, they both bowed their heads and my friend prayed.

He explained after prayer, long ago he had done drugs. He was lonely and scared with all this virus stuff going around.

My friend said she would keep him in prayer. They said their good-byes and went on their separate ways.

My friend shared her concerns about him being six feet away and maybe still too close, his lisp causing him to possibly spraying droplets in the air and on and on.

My only advice…Go take a shower and know you passed your test today.

Jesus comes in all shapes and sizes…Today, lonely and with a lisp.


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