Mary’s Hands

When I think of the hands that held the baby Jesus for the first time, I want to think of Mary’s hands soft, warm, wrinkle-free and unstrained. But the reality of life most likely presents a much different story. For days, Mary’s hands held on tight to the donkey’s mane so not to fall off over the bumpy road. She had not seen a wash basin for days. She had not used hand lotion or cream for who knows how long, if ever. Fingers that rubbed the hair on the back of Joseph’s hand while they waited for the baby to arrive. These are the hands God choice to care for his son.

Mary’s hands wrapped the new borne babe tight and held him close. Mary’s fingers washed the messy little face of toddler Jesus. The hands that bandaged a scrape knee of the boy Jesus. These are the hands folded in conversation day and night with her heavenly Father. These are the hands God choice to care for his son.

Mary’s hands are the hands that washed clothes, hang them on the line, and folded them when they’d dried. Hands in dish water, kneaded bread, peeled vegetables and cooked fish. Calloused hands from all her daily work. These are hands God choice to care for his son.

Mary’s hands of a loving, caring mother who cradled the crumpled body of her crucified son. The hands that prepared the cloths and oil to wrap the body in. Hands that help laid him in the tomb. Mary’s hands held up the apostles as they trembled in fear. Hands that feverishly prayed for three days and nights to her Heavenly father, crying out for mercy, grace and comfort. These are hands God choice to care for his son.

These are the hands of a mother, Jesus’ mother, now our mother. These are hands God choice to care for his people.

Before Lent even started, I had an idea of the theme of hands but never any idea we were be living in such a state of pain, sorrow and confusion. The time is ripe for us to turn to Mary and pray with her asking God to hear out plea, for mercy, grace and comfort in this time of our pain and sorrow.

Dear Lord God,

I come before You begging for mercy, grace and

comfort during this time of great sorrow.

Lead me,

Show me,

Teach me,

how to be your hands.

Bless the hands of our first line heroes.

Doctors, Nurses, NAs,

Janitors, mail people, military, first responders,

And so many more.

Stand beside them and guide their hands,

give them assistance to care for all who come for their aid.

We ask for all things along with Mary our Mother,

through Christ our Lord.





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