Post Advent, Christmas & New Year’s Eve, Every Nation on Earth Will Adore You, Lord. Psalm 72


Happy New Year!

Nearly, six weeks ago, I mentioned, I woke up in the middle of the night with the 72nd Psalm frolicking in my head. Well, after Advent, Christmas and New Year’s Eve celebrations have passed, the 72nd Psalm “Every nation on Earth will adore you, Lord,” is still being whispering and sometimes screaming at me.

Sunday, January 5, 2020 we celebrated The Epiphany of the Lord. The psalm reading was, yes, you guessed it, the 72nd Psalm. We sang the responsorial psalm verse “Every nation on Earth will adore you, Lord.”

Tuesday, 1-7-2020, at morning Mass, the Lord showed His humor again, Psalm 72 was read! On Wednesday 1-8-2020 and Thursday, 1-9-2020, the same thing happened, the Psalm 72nd was the psalm at daily Mass. The congregation proclaimed, “Every nation on Earth will adore you, Lord,” after each verse. I am still amazed when I think back over the last few weeks at how persistent the Lord can be and what a slow learner I can be. But no matter what happens the Lord is there by my side.

At the end of the week,, I was with a friend who had the bulletin from her church. She said, “Oh, I have never seen our bulletin in color. The front cover really looks nice.” When she had finished reading the bulletin, she set it down. I felt a urge to pick it up even if it was not of my own parish’s news. There on the colorful cover was, “Let every nation adore you, Lord.” I giggled. Yes Lord, I will work to encourage every nation to adore you, Lord.

So as the 2020 New Year continues to move forward I will wait, watch and listen for the next time the 72nd Psalm reminds me, I need to be about the business of, “Every nation on Earth will adore You, Lord.”


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