Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…Waiting in joyful hope.


Baby Jesus is almost here. Last week I heard words that have stayed with me…

“Without God’s son there would be no creation.

Without Mary’s son there would be no redemption.”

When I think of Mary at this time of year, I think of how the time of quiet reflections she experienced before the birth of her son. Moments before and after, Joseph learned she was with child. The days on her way to see Elizabeth, to think, wonder and pray. The hours during she and Joseph made their way to Bethlehem. During these times of prayer, what did she say to God? Did she have a list of questions, demands or worries to share with her Abba? I am willing to bet she pondered and listened. Listened to the whispers of God, reassurances he walked with her. Pondering the comforting feelings as she looked to the skies. Mary learning Joseph was there to protect her, neither of them knowing how, but both trusting God was in control.

When I think of Joseph, I think of how he must have been shaking in his sandals. Joseph, a man of little financial means, a hard worker and of great faith. A man willing to make himself small so God could be great and in control. Think of the conversations Joseph must have had with his Abba, the questions, fears, and wonderings. The times at the carpenter’s bench, leading the donkey to Bethlehem, alone as Mary slept in the hay. Joseph, such a man of quiet strength. A just man. A man hand-chosen by God to be the earthly father of his own son. The very thought takes my breath away. Joseph to not have one spoken word in the bible. To be spoken to by an angle of the Lord in a dream. Such a prayerful man of faith and trust.

The people we hear about during these last few days of Advent are all people who have learned take time to be quiet, Elizabeth, Zacharias, St. John the Baptist, Mary, Joseph and Jesus. Maybe, just maybe God is trying to tell us something. Could it be in today’s busy, noisy world He is having a hard time being heard? We have today and tomorrow before the Christ child is born to be quiet and listen. Listen for those tiny whisperings of your heavenly Abba. What is God saying to you? Shhhhhhhhhhhh! “Waiting in joyful hope.”


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