I Wish It Could Be Christmas All Year Long

Who goes out to Aldi on the 23rd of December, crazy right??? Well, I had just two things to pick so I ventured out. It was a crazy house in the parking lot and inside the store but the shoppers appeared happy. I picked up my two items and got in line to check out the checkers are fast at Aldi but I got behind a lady and her husband with a cartful.

She turned looked at me with my two items in hand and said, “Why don’t you go ahead.”

I asked her, “Are you sure?”

She replied, “By the time I get this all up on the belt you both will be checked out.”

I thought she must have thought I was with someone but there was no one else. The man of ahead of me checked out with three items turned and ducked behind me a laid a five dollar bill on top of her items and said, “Thank you for the both of us!”

I quietly thanked him and said, “You are a nice man.” As he headed out of the store.

It only gets better. I said, “And I was only going to wish you a Merry Christmas.”

She said, “Here you take it pay it forward.”

I declined and told her to keep it. She tried to put it in my bag but I was faster! I headed out of the store into the parking lot and watched as two different shoppers offered their carts to the shoppers coming into the store both times the new shopper offered the finished shopper a quarter. Both times the shopper waved their hand and said, “No, just keep it.”

I was amazed but as I got in my car I thought, there is a song something like “I wish it be could Christmas all year long.”

If we would just shine the thoughtfulness, kindness, and love of the King of Kings, that is coming into the world on Christmas morn, just imagine what this world would be like. I need to try a little hard.

I Wish It Could Be Christmas All Year Long

Ferlin Husky

It’s Christmas time the chapel bells are ringing

The valley and the hills are filled with song

A time for peace while all the world is singing

How I wish it could be Christmas all year long

It’s Christmas time when strangers smile at strangers

A time of hope a time to right from wrong

It’s time to thank the baby in the manger

How I wish it could be Christmas all year long

Peace on earth good will to men seems a simply thing

But when Christmas ends it passes like a dream

It’s Christmas time we put away our sorrow

A time for joy for happiness and song

We give thanks today but who thinks of tomorrow

How I wish it could be Christmas all year long.

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