Epiphany Sunday

Epiphany Sunday

I have always been intrigued with the Three Wise Men. I think, I may be envious of they bravery and sense of adventure. I have many Nativity sets with the three kings, books and even a puzzle of the three kings. All make me wonder what they must have been thinking, enduring and experiencing on their journey in search of the newborn king.

Magi, Three Kings or Three Wise Men

All different names but all the same group who came to visit Jesus. They came bearing gifts; Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh. Gold for a king, meaning Jesus is a king, Frankincense an incense burned by priests during prayer, meaning the priestly nature of Jesus and Myrrh a fragrant perfume using in funeral, embalming of the body meaning Jesus’ mortality.

Often, I think that Jesus is God of contradictions to the human mind, these intercessions as read in this month issue of the Magnificat express it well for me:

Jesus, You were adored by the Magi and rejected by kings

Jesus, You were seen by the shepherds and hidden from the powerful

Jesus, You were laid in a manger and nailed to a wooden cross

Jesus, You were born in humility and raised to glory.

Many quotes concerning the Magi become known at this time of the year, may I share a few of my favorite.

“Why do so few ever see the star? Only because so few are looking for it…” Father Alfred Delp, a German Jesuit priest who died in the Holocaust.

“When they reached Bethlehem, the Magi adored the divine Child and offered him symbolic gifts, becoming forerunners of the peoples and nations which down the centuries never cease to seek and meet Christ.” Pope John Paul II

“The Magi set out because of a deep desire which prompted them to leave everything and begin a journey. It was as though they had always been waiting for that star.” Pope Benedict XVI

“The Magi were able to worship, because they had the courage to set out. And as they fell to their knees before the small, poor and vulnerable Infant, the unexpected and unknown Child of Bethlehem, they discovered the glory of God.” Pope Francis

“Only wonder can comprehend His incomprehensible power.” St. Maximus the Confessor.  

       The Magi watched, saw and wondered enough to set off not knowing to where, how long, how far and if they would ever return, They trusted and were gifted with the greatest gift of all, to see the new born King and to fall down and pay him homage.

I pray, I will trust and follow the star, the light, the light of Jesus, who is the light in the darkness for all to see.

Enjoy some of the artwork I found while researching more about the Magi!



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