Third Week of Advent

A little late checking in, but I have been thinking all week…

How am I doing with Advent?

How am I growing in getting ready for the Christ? My Jesus to come.

I’ve heard of three ways to examine how I am doing.

  • Have I admitted to what I am … a sinner?
  • Have I asked God to come close, I need His help.
  • Have I taken up the challenge to become closer to God?
  • Do people know I am a follower of Jesus Christ by being a person of HOPE?

When I think of the answers to these questions, I have a long way to go but I am a person of Hope and only with God’s help, love, mercy and grace can I do it and continue on the journey that will one day bring me before the throne. I will have so many questions I want to ask God when I arrive, but I am pretty sure I will be a blubbering mess. God, please have mercy on me.

One last thought, the third candle in the Advent wreath is pink, a mixing of purple and white, half way through Advent. The purple to represent the solemnness of the preparations and white the symbol of Christmas joy. Pink to give us hope and continue on our journey to witness His coming. xo


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