5-30-15 # 3 Mary’s Month

One day left of May 2015. I have a couple more images of Mary I want to share. This one is one I have had since grade school. We use to sell Christmas seals, stamps with an Christmas scene on them. We sold them by the page or by the book. I don’t remember how much maybe a penny per stamp. Depending on how many you sold you would earn a holy card or a statue. I must have sold a couple of books to win this statue of Blessed Mother Mary!


(by St. Padre Pio of Pietrelcina, O. F. M. Cap.)

O Mother most sweet, make me love Jesus! Pour into my soul that love which shone in Thine!Purify my heart so that I may know how to love Thy God and my God! Purify my mind so that I may be able to adore Him in spirit and truth! Purify my body so that I may be His living tabernacle!


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