5-27-15 ~ Mary Mother of God.


Star of the Sea,

Light Our Way

Star of the Sea so radiant

in the glory of Gods Love,

Your crown outshining all the stars of heaven up above,

O, lovely Queen of Peace,

gowned in azure’s of the sea,

Help us find the way to Jesus,

in your wise serenity.

We ask you Pearl of Grace

to grant us vision, courage, will,

So ‘peace on earth’, that miracle,

at last might be fulfilled!

Dear Mother of the Church,

blessed beacon of God’s Light,

May you always guide your children

on the stormy seas of life.

Make our hearts into safe harbors,

where dear Jesus is received

Hear our prayer, O Spiritual Vessel,

Mother of God, Star of the Sea.

Two different pictures of Our Lady  Star of the Sea. This a title given to Mary since the early church. sm11 a7424849ffda62960748c10f83c230ca

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