5-25-15 Mary’s Month of May

I put my little babe under your protection, Mary, my Mother. Make its tiny mind grow up to love the truths of faith; consecrate its will to the service of God; fill its heart with love for its Creator. Fashion its little body in all perfection; let its organs be sound, its senses acute, all its members strong and healthy. I prayer you take this request to your son, Jesus Christ, for me and my child, most powerful Mother. I put my trust in you. Amen

Ferruzzi-a[1] 20150524_102310-001Madonna of the Streets, was a painting created by Roberto Ferruzzi (1854–1934) The models for this painting were Angelina Cian (age 11) and her younger brother. Although not originally painted as a religious picture, this painting became popularized as an image of the Virgin Mary holding her infant son, and has become the most renowned of Ferruzzi’s works.

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