Children Learn By Example

Gabby ReadingNate Reading

Two of my eight grandchildren spent a mini-vacation with me last week. I had the time of my life, I only hope they had half as much fun as I did.
We explored and experienced City of Mankato Sculpture Walk, library, Blue Earth County Museum, Rapidan Dam, Minneopa Falls, Sibley Park, and finally, took in a movie just to relax. We have 169 photos to prove it.
During one of our down moments we were in the living room and Nate, my grandson said, “Look, Nana.” He was reading a book just like the sculpture of a child reading, my brother had given me.
I am so proud of my daughter and son-in-law they have a job, weekend school, volunteer, coach and keeping up a home and yard with six active kids, they still make time to read every day and take part in the summer reading program. Going on vacation to Nana’s house and they each were told to pack a bag and in each his/her bag was a book to read. I have to admit we didn’t have much time for reading but we did look at a few books at the library!
Today a Reader; Tomorrow a Leader.

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